Leadership Team

Passion, motivation and accountability are easily witnessed characteristics of the principals and leaders at Advanced Office Environments. Guiding multidisciplinary teams to remain true to our values while making sure we check every box on our customers wants and needs list sustained our growth and provided a bright future for the next thirty (30) years.

We understand the grounding elements of our three (3) divisions is our employees. This is why our principals and leaders work hard at promoting fulfillment of human potential and creating an atmosphere that enables the employee to be as successful as possible in a supportive environment.

Executive Staff

Patricia Taylor AOEPatricia Taylor
Pat is a founding principal of Advanced Office Environments. Over the years Pat has touched every connected part of a distribution business. Her guidance has ensured success during every growth point of AOE's thirty (30) year history. Pat's "roll up the sleeves" and positive attitude is contagious. She is respected throughout the industry for her ethics, knowledge, experience and common sense approaches in a complex business.
Steve Kuch AOE Steve Kuch
Putting the customer first and having the utmost respect and admiration for his employees are just two examples of what makes up Steve's character as AOE's current leader. And while the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in regards to Steve inheriting many great attributes from his father Frank Kuch who was a founder of AOE in 1984, Steve has cultivated a stride of his own when it comes to propelling AOE into the 21stCentury. Steve brings a well thought-out vision for the next generation of the company. While never overlooking the fundamentals of sound business practices and the goal to exceed customer expectation, Steve recognizes the need to be agile in an ever-changing market place and is never satisfied in accepting the status quo. Leveraging business acumen in accounting and sales, the majority of Steve's work career has been dedicated to nourishing an all-inclusive business model that is adaptable and geared toward sustainability. Steve possesses an innate ability, natural enthusiasm, along with a courageous spirit as a leader that will assure AOE remains a leader in the industry and Philadelphia marketplace.

Divisional Sales and Business Development

Directing sales, strategic account management and business development activities are a unified team of leaders. Executing well developed strategies to enhance AOE's core competencies and empower single source/integrated solutions for our customers.

Richard Custer AOE Richard Custer
Vice President
Strategic Accounts,
Architectural Elements
Bruce Finnicum AOE Bruce Finnicum
Vice President
Sales, Interior Solutions
Chris Burke AOE Chris Burke
Business Relationships,
Architectural Elements
Debbie Keen AOE Debbie Keen
Business Relationships,
Interior Solutions

Operations and Project Administrations

Steering the extensive resource team of AOE for all activities from design concept to project close-out, Mike and Chris collaborate for efforts that lead to the best value based and competent Facility Services Department in our region.

Mike is an experienced leader that energizes a team passion for zero-defects in scheduling, delivery, installation and supporting logistics and maintenance services.

Chris guides the creative talents of our design and specification team while leading our administration and project staffs to follow our quest for a best in class customer experience. They understand that discerning customers require precision, professionalism, and efficiency.

Mike Kuch AOE Mike Kuch
Vice President Operations
Chris Weaver AOE Chris Weaver
Vice President, Project Administration

Workplace Teams

Steering the extensive resource team of AOE for all activities from design concept to project close-out, Mike and Chris collaborate for efforts that lead to the best value based and competent Facility Services Department in our region. Advanced Office Environments multidisciplinary team of specialists form an impressive organization that works to reduce costs and create efficiencies to complex workspace challenges. Identifying the gaps between what is needed and what the propose solution can achieve is a fundamental goal for all team members.

Interior Solutions/Architectural Elements Senior Consultants
Each of our workplace consultants has a deep understanding of workplace trends, thorough product knowledge, and can synchronize our extensive internal resources to create a customer experience unmatched by any other distributor in the market.

Technical Specifications/Space Planning
AOE's Technical Specification and Space Planning team has the ability to build trust with industry design alliances. Accurately interpreting the intent for function and aesthetics with our furniture and architectural offerings is what is expected. Creating adaptable workspaces that support change is what is provided.

Project Administration
Our staff of project managers has the experience and strength in numbers to conduct large project operations while not impairing performance on day to day customer commitments. Competencies were built and resolve has been tested over the years in successful completion by our team of simultaneous multi-million dollar projects to meet the operational readiness needs required for over 7,000 people - a strong validation for our team and the process.

Solution Administration/Customer Care
Continuing to improve internal processes is a core component to being a low cost provider. With the production of clear, concise, accurate specification information from our technical Specification Department our Solution Administrators are able to produce clean orders from a single electronic entry process. Each person has the skill set and desire to be a communication resource for the customer's team. Solutions administration is the link for the customer and external stakeholders and the link to insure that needs and intent goals are met.

Factory trained service and installation teams have the material handling equipment, a fleet of owned delivery vehicles, organized climate controlled warehouse facilities, wood and metal shops, EPA rated paint booth and years of proven quality process goals required for success. AOE is proud of our internal resources that have mastered the schedule, flow, craftsmanship and collaborative prerequisites to bring a workplace to life.