We've got our eye out for an experienced Designer that devotes themselves to creating innovative design, optimism, and exceptional quality performance with a strong handle on time management.

If you're all of these (and more so, if you're described below) then you're our dream Designer:

  • Carries a good sense of urgency & commitment
  • Extensively knowledgeable of Computer Aided Design and its associative software: CET, Project Spec, Canvas, CAP, 20/20 & PowerPoint
  • Ability to provide accurate and timely specifications, & bid/price quotations; as well as provide specification discounting for our Account Manager
  • Prefers to collaborate with other designers; strives for efficient completion of projects and can "double-check" accuracy at any cost
  • Must have a passion for creating skillful and timely drawings (2D & 3D format)
  • Can provide solid installation drawings and specifications to our Project Manager upon request
  • Ability to fully assist our Account Manager with customer meetings, creative input, & product input
  • Obtains full-knowledge of Systems Furniture
  • Can answer customer questions concerning design specifics and space planning layout
  • Work side-by-side with both our Account Manager & Project Manager with answers to questions concerning design specifics and space planning layout
  • Is able to verify our Account Manager's input of project proposal number in Team Design
  • Can contribute specific time-log and project estimation of all projects and deliver to the Accounting Department on a timely basis
  • Can happily participate with Marketing & Sales team with design and presentation material that'll impress
  • Ability to establish finish & color boards; 3D rendering (if possible)
  • Can be counted on to notify designated person regarding re-supplying library materials such as finish cards, wood samples, specification catalogs & etc.
  • Considers themselves sales-oriented; desires to increase responsibility in regards to client relations & development